School Partnerships

Right to our core, we know “Kids are the Future!”. We know by forming strong partnerships with families, schools and the community we will serve children to enable them to become strong, healthy, community minded young adults.

Our global Amaze Vision is to be the best childcare provider in Queensland, to be embedded in the community, for the benefit of all stakeholders. To ensure success, we purposefully choose to partner with schools whose Philosophy and Values align with ours. This allows us to take a more boutique approach and ensure we are providing schools, families and children with a service that benefits and supports all.

Both AMAZE OSHC founders, Lucy and Alison are Masters qualified teachers who have taught in a number of schools in South-East Queensland over the last twenty years.

We also bring with us over 11 years’ experience in providing quality care to school aged children, in both shared stand-alone settings. We work with schools around shared use and school calendar events to ensure minimal disruption to both parties.

Families and communities

Amaze becomes part of your village

AMAZE OSHC has a strong community culture. We also believe it takes a whole community to raise a child. We see the importance in the three-way partnership between the students, parents and school and see OSHC as an important piece in the puzzle.
Every school and community is different, we are responsive to your needs and those of your children and families. We value inclusive practices and are seen as an integral part of your school. Whether it be using our early education skills to help facilitate a Pre-Prep program or running a creche so parents can attend school workshops, we will work with what you need.

Health and Wellbeing

Our peace of mind guarantee

100% of Amaze Active OSHC Centres meet or exceed ACEQA standards. Because we love incorporating, robust and physically challenging activities into our program, we ensure that our team is well-trained and have been part of creating and reviewing the risk assessments for each activity. The children also have a voice in developing the risk assessments.
To further enhance safety, we have more staff than are required by childcare regulations. This is extremely beneficial, providing more sets of eyes, at times when the chance of incidence may be greater, such as on excursions. To ensure we maintain these standards, we are the only OSHC in Australia to use 1Place a digital safety tool which ensures compliance. By having incident reports completed through the app, we can also track patterns and predict potential safety hazards. A summary of these results can be shared with schools to give piece of mind to families and administrators.


I know who I am and I love it!

Keeping tabs on our children’s mental health has never been more important. We use the Be You program to prioritise activities and practices that support children’s resilience, emotional awareness, sense of identity and relationship building. We utilise your school and community’s Australian Early Development Census data to inform our programs.

Active learning

Bush Kids Program

Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom. We value our “bush kids” programs, where the children are immersed in nature, and spend time outdoors, using their imagination with the natural items and just being kids. Families love this unique aspect which reminds them of their childhood. In delivering our programs we demonstrate flexibility by incorporating children’s ideas, culture and interests to ensure the experiences are relevant and engaging. Recognising strengths and abilities within our children and enabling them to share these skills is extremely valuable to them as well as their peers. Amaze promotes the children’s sense of belonging, connectedness and wellbeing by taking an interest in their individual needs, interests, diversity, views and abilities. Parents children and teachers are engaged in the planning process.

Play Spaces

More excursions and incursions!

We have more excursions and incursions than any other provider with no extra fees. AMAZE is unique in that it allows each centre to develop a program tailored to the needs of that school and that community. We do not provide a blanket program that all OSHC centres must follow which allows us to really personalise our program and better utilise what our local communities have to offer. It also allows the families and children to have more input, which embodies the principles of the My Time Our Place framework.


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our school partners say:

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We really appreciate that Amaze has a community-minded nature and Crestmead has benefitted by the Educators volunteering at school discos and sporting events. Over the last few years they have provided water stations for our cross country, oranges on sport days and staff at school event. In recent months they have also been providing worm tea from their worm farm for schools vegetable garden.

Lee-Anne Hobson
Business Manager

Crestmead State School

Lucy Cook, General Manager, has always conducted herself in a very professional manner. Prior to the lease beginning there were many meetings between Lucy, previous Principal Garry Lacey and the previous BSM while we negotiated a suitable outcome for both parties. Lucy was flexible and understanding of the needs of the school while at the same time maintaining the vision of the service she intended to provide.

Cathy Baxter
Business Services Manager

Mudgeeraba State School

Partner With AMAZE